Blackheath Morris Men

Probably the most watched Morris side in the world


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30th March 2022

By the Cutty Sark in the ‘70s  (A rare picture showing the Cutty Sark before it was turned into a hovercraft)

Cheer up Eric, stranger things have happened at sea y’know. London Olympics closing ceremony




intentionally blank

Next outing: Easter Chair Lifting, Greenwich, Easter Monday (18th April) - See diary page

Hello! We’re the Blackheath Morris Men. We’re from south-east London and we’re a jolly fine bunch of fellows. Our interests include drinking. If you want to join up, have a look at the contact page for further information. Then come along as soon as Mr. Johnson ** says it’s OK. Alternatively, if you work for him, come along tomorrow.* We are available to perform at just about any event that you care to mention - in the past we have danced at the Olympic Closing Ceremony, as support to Hawkwind back in the seventies, in the Red Sea and outside Woolworths in Lewisham on several occasions. (*We’ve left the crossed out bit in so that future generations can understand the crippling impact of Covid on Morris dancing. We also think the sentence is quite funny. ** Mr. Johnson was a UK Prime Minister and should not the confused with the Mr. Johnson who, in the 18th century, was credited with the first dictionary, the opening entry for which was not “Aardvark”)