Blackheath Morris Men

Probably the most watched Morris side in the world


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26th May 2020

By the Cutty Sark in the ‘70s  (A rare picture showing the Cutty Sark before it was turned into a hovercraft)

Byron Daniel, his memory forever enshrined in a poster with beer and fags.

Cheer up Eric, stranger things have happened at sea y’know. London Olympics closing ceremony




intentionally blank

Next outing: ?!^* knows

Hello! We’re the Blackheath Morris Men. We’re from south-east London and we’re a jolly fine bunch of fellows. Our interests include drink. If you want to join up, have a look at the contact page for further information. Then come along as soon as Mr. Johnson says it’s OK. Alternatively, if you work for him, come along tomorrow. We are available to perform at just about any event that you care to mention - in the past we have danced at the Olympic Closing Ceremony, as support to Hawkwind back in the seventies, in the Red Sea and outside Woolworths in Lewisham on several occasions.