Blackheath Morris Men

Probably the most watched Morris side in the world


Hello everyone. We are the Blackheath Morris Men and we are very traditional. Other than Morris dancing, we do traditional things like eating breakfast, wallpapering and buying shoes. We nearly all have beards and those that don’t either have a note from their mum or doctor, or they have a rare skin disorder.

As our name suggests, we come from Blackheath in south east London, we do Morris dancing and we are men (some more so than others).

We can be booked for functions, Olympic Closing Ceremonies, weddings, parties etc. 

New members are welcome - visit our contact page for details



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13th August 2019

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By the Cutty Sark in the ‘70s  (A rare picture showing the Cutty Sark before it was turned into a hovercraft)

Byron Daniel, his memory forever enshrined in a poster with beer and fags.

Al-Greenwich during Jack Hargreaves appreciation week

Cheer up Eric, stranger things have happened at sea y’know. London Olympics closing ceremony




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